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New law governing BVs

The Dutch law governing BVs underwent drastic changes on 1 October 2012. BVs can now be set up with capital of just €0.01 (prior to this the minimum capital was €18,000.00).

This has made it much easier for many people to set up a BV. The articles of association can also provide for a great deal more than under the old legislation (in that respect the Dutch BV now resembles the English Limited Company more closely than before).

The new BV law also has disadvantages; for instance, the shareholders and directors can sometimes be required to repay dividend that has been paid out.

The law governing the Dutch NV has not changed. A minimum capital of €45,000.00 still applies for the Dutch NV. The Dutch NV is still governed by legislation similar to that which applied for the BV prior to 1 October 2012 and provides better protection against liability.

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